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What you should do before your trip to the USA

Going on vacation to the US seems unattainable to the Poles, but you do not need big money or help from your travel agency. Below are some tips on how to prepare your own holidays in America.

Guide on how to get your trip done!


When we have a visa, be interested in cheap flights as early as possible. It’s best to look for them about half a year before you go. The cheapest flights can be found already for $1000 in two directions, but prices of around $2000 are more realistic. The cheapest is to fly to New York or Chicago. How to search for cheap flights? I use the Momondo and SkyScanner search engines , I follow on portals on Facebook with cheap flights such as TanieLoty, Fly4Free and the like.

Cheap flights to USA?

The cheapest flights to the USA can be found using different search engine and special websites.

It compares the prices of all airlines from all airports in your city to all airports in the USA. Cheaper will not be anywhere.

Mode of transportation

Once we land in the USA, we need a means of transport. You can choose:

Rent a car 24 hour.

This is the easiest and best way to provide comfortable transportation on your spot. You can do it before or on the spot, the cost for a car is $ 50-150 per day. Important – usually, to rent a car you must be over 25 years old and have a credit card. All you need is a your driving license, international one can be made for safety, but no one will even ask for it.

Transport of your car from your country.

A good idea for a long trip – for a minimum of 2-3 months, because then it comes out much cheaper than car rental, and you have your car that you know when it comes to breakdowns and is better equipped (eg with us shower, inverter, etc.). The cost of transporting 1-2 thousand $ one way. Transport on the ship takes about 1 month.

Buying a car in the USA.

Even under $ 1000, you can buy a car on the spot and then sell it. The only problem is that you do not know this car and you can break in the middle of the desert.

Flights between cities – are very popular among Americans

Buses and trains – also good, to travel between big cities, is for example Mega Bus which has cheap prices.
hitchhiking – but you have to think that in some states it’s hard to catch a foot because the Americans are simply afraid.

Bike bought on the spot

the cheapest way to travel independently in the US, but only for people with very good condition because the distances are enormous.

Important – if you will be traveling with your car, buy AAA insurance (type of assistance). For about $ 100 you will have towing a few times in the event of failure, accommodation for the time of repair and for this you will have discounts for many motels, etc.

Cheap hotels

It’s best to search for cheap hotels in the USA on the internet through websites such as booking.

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What you should know about parking?

We already mentioned the main differences between long-term and short-term parking, but it wouldn’t be harm to listed here all general features of these types of parking to make them more clear! Therefore, here they are:

Short-term parking:

  • It does not require special places. If the engine is running and the driver is inside the car, then he or she is allowed to stop for a while at almost any place.
  • It can be free for a short amount of time.
  • You can park for disembarking passengers, and this is not considered a violation of traffic rules.
  • On the free short-term parking spot, the car is not guarded. No one is responsible for the safety of either the surface appearance of the car or the property in the cabin.

Long-term parking:

  • Paid-for long-term parking is more expensive, but here the car is completely safe, including the property in the cabin.
  • Parking may be in the form of a garage or an area under a canopy, which will save the car from precipitation.

What should you know about free parking lots abroad?

  1. You will NOT find them in the centers of large cities.
  2. In the center of the town, free parking may be available to residents of nearby neighborhoods. In this case, a special sign / sticker is attached to the windshield of the vehicle, giving the right to park for free. If you rent an apartment, ask the property owner for a sticker for the duration of your stay.
  3. If you are staying at a hotel, check the availability of free parking for visitors. If there is none, ask, whether there are any discounts in the nearest parking lots for you as guests.
  4. Free parking is sometimes located near campuses, hospitals, city parks and beaches. Since such parking lots are located far away, it is convenient to leave a car there only if you do not need it for several days.

One of the possible options both for short-term and long-term parking is a paid protected area. The drivers pay the dispatcher for a certain time for which they need to leave the car. In the parking lot, only the territory is guarded, but the dispatcher will not be responsible for each transport. This also applies to property inside the car. In the parking lot, everything is different. For a fee, the guard takes responsibility for the safety of the car and the property inside it. In the case of theft or hijacking of the car, the employee of the parking will be responsible. However, this happens very rarely due to the closed area and access system.

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Differences between long-term and short-term parking

The fact that all motorists should know the rules of the road thoroughly is not discussed. However, sometimes there are definitions of traffic rules, the difference between which is not so obvious. For example, what are the main difference between long-term and short-term parking? What are the conditions for leaving a car on these objects? What you should know about parking?

According to the legislation, the vehicle can be put only in specially designated places. Therefore, we propose to consider the differences between long-term and short-tern parking, because, as it turned out, these are different types of parking. It is better to know all these features before using exotic car rental colorado springs services.

The main difference between these types of parking

Short-term parking is a place where any vehicle can be rendered inoperative and left for a short time. A special feature is the possibility of a free car stop.

Paid long-term parking is a place where the car owner can leave his or her auto for a long time and for a certain fee to shift the responsibility for the safety of the car to the parking employee. In addition, this concept refers to garages and closed constructions.

Other difference

Another feature is that parking can be carried out only in strictly designated areas. Violation of this rule, (stopping a transport under a prohibition sign) threatens with a big fine. Often, drivers from ignorance of the differences between long-term and short-term parking violate traffic rules. You can make yourself liable to a fine, and with systematic warnings, even administrative liability is possible. This is especially true for some countries where the vehicle can be put only in designated places. Violation of the rules may lead to deportation with a subsequent ban on entry into this state.

There is also difference in a fee. Short-term parking often does not require payment. It can be carried out near shops, hospitals and bus stops. However, the car should not be stationary for a long time. As a rule, this concept refers to taxis, buses and minibuses. However, each car can park near a certain place to disembark passengers. Long-term parking, on the contrary, allows you to leave the car for a long time. For this, there are special places near shopping centers, hospitals and places of public catering. In the case of free short-term parking, you do not have to pay, but the car will not be guarded.

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Tips every young driver should know

Driving safely should always be your concern, whether you are alone or with passengers or whether you are driving your own car or you have a car rental for under 25. When behind the wheel, it’s your responsibility to make sure the rules and laws are followed always. It’s important to know the basics of the road and of safe driving, which can be achieved by practicing always. Whether you drive your own car or using some services (enterprise car rental San Francisco airport, for example). Below are some safety tips for driving.

Driving tips:

• Stay focused on driving
• Always drive defensively
• Have a safe driving plan always
• Always practice safety

But in case you are involved in an accident remember what the law requires you to do. It’s important to be a way of the traffic laws to protect you from incrementing yourself. First is to make sure that no one in your car is injured, then move to check on those in the other vehicle, and then the pedestrians. If all well then you are required to the following.

In case of an accident.

1. Don’t flee the scene,
2. Inform the local police or call your emergency number
3. Stay in your vehicle
4. Remember to be calm
5. Inform your insurance provider

While you are driving and get pulled over, then there is a procedure to follow. This can happen if you see a police vehicle following you with rights on or a traffic officer at a roadblock. Make sure you pull over, way out of the road safely. Then remain in your car until the officer approaches. He/she may demand a couple of things from you, please comply calmly. You may be asked to turn the lights on, keep your hands visible, and or provide your vehicle’s documentation.

But if you are provided with a citation, visit a traffic court and you will be guided on what next.

Speeding and traffic laws you should know.

Areas with a high number of pedestrians like schools, intersections and streets are referred to as low-speed-zones, so be cautious. There are laws like:

• Never pass on the left side if a school bus displays a stop sign on that side.
• Pull to the side whenever you hear a siren
• At a stop sign do stop completely and observe the road on both sides.
• Always obey the road signs.
• When parking, observe the rules and sighs like handicapped parking space, bus stop zones, fire hydrant and duration of parking at that spot if any.

It is always wise to go through driving school and learn the basics there. If you are using your car always look out for the next driver, maintain road etiquette more so when you are using services of car rental for under 25. These means you will have to account for your actions in case of anything.

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Five Traveling Mistakes To Avoid

A Colorado trip is the highlight of many American families’ summers. For young travellers or people travelling with their family for the first time, there are a few mistakes you can avoid in order to have a trip that runs as smoothly as possible.

Take Your Time Going to the Mountains

Colorado is well above sea level, and if you’re not used to living in a higher city, you’re going to want to give yourself time to get used to the new atmosphere before packing your bag and hiking even higher. You don’t want to make yourself sick on the first day and then miss out on the beauty the mountains have to offer because you’re too scared to go back.

Instead, if you’re in or around Denver, you can take your first day to:

1) See Northwest and South LoDo
2) Take a museum tour
3) Visit the 16th Street Mall
4) Taste all of the local food joints the city has on offer

 Don’t Work Out in a Gym

You’re in Colorado! If you’re getting your workout done at a boring old gym, you’re missing out on what nature has to offer. Instead of hitting the treadmill, gather your family and head out to the mountains, the many trails, or even the bike paths around the city. Whatever your workout style is, there’s something in nature that can not only provide you with your fitness fix, but give you an incredible view while you do it.

Visit in Summer or Fall

It’s not something that all states have to think about, but visiting Colorado in the winter or spring will be a very different experience than visiting in the summer or fall. There’s warm weather, colourful leaves, and the ability to enjoy the outdoors both physically and visually. Other times of year it can come across as a bit brown, dull, and miserable, so be sure to pick the right season if enjoying the outdoors is high on your priority list.

Eat At New Restaurants

When you’re travelling anywhere, chain restaurants should be a definite no no. You can get that food anywhere, why not experience food you couldn’t have anywhere else but where you are. Colorado has a huge selection of restaurants and bars that are highly rated and one-of-a-kind so you can enjoy an authentic and delicious dining experience.

Enjoy the Entire Music Scene

If you’re heading over to Denver, then the call to see a show at Red Rocks will be huge. Definitely enjoy the music that Red Rocks has to offer, but understand that there is a large music scene in the city to appreciate in all areas, no matter the style you’re into. Only experiencing the shows at Red Rocks would be a waste of a very musical city.

If you’re travelling to Colorado in the near future, we encourage you to avoid these five common travelling mistakes in order to really make the most of what there is to offer. Like with any vacation, it’s important to try things that are new and unique to the city; things that you wouldn’t be able to experience back home. Traveling with this mindset and this loose set of rules opens you up to a world of new experiences, broadens your mind, and helps you understand what traveling is all about.

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