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Five Traveling Mistakes To Avoid

A Colorado trip is the highlight of many American families’ summers. For young travellers or people travelling with their family for the first time, there are a few mistakes you can avoid in order to have a trip that runs as smoothly as possible.

Take Your Time Going to the Mountains

Colorado is well above sea level, and if you’re not used to living in a higher city, you’re going to want to give yourself time to get used to the new atmosphere before packing your bag and hiking even higher. You don’t want to make yourself sick on the first day and then miss out on the beauty the mountains have to offer because you’re too scared to go back.

Instead, if you’re in or around Denver, you can take your first day to:

1) See Northwest and South LoDo
2) Take a museum tour
3) Visit the 16th Street Mall
4) Taste all of the local food joints the city has on offer

 Don’t Work Out in a Gym

You’re in Colorado! If you’re getting your workout done at a boring old gym, you’re missing out on what nature has to offer. Instead of hitting the treadmill, gather your family and head out to the mountains, the many trails, or even the bike paths around the city. Whatever your workout style is, there’s something in nature that can not only provide you with your fitness fix, but give you an incredible view while you do it.

Visit in Summer or Fall

It’s not something that all states have to think about, but visiting Colorado in the winter or spring will be a very different experience than visiting in the summer or fall. There’s warm weather, colourful leaves, and the ability to enjoy the outdoors both physically and visually. Other times of year it can come across as a bit brown, dull, and miserable, so be sure to pick the right season if enjoying the outdoors is high on your priority list.

Eat At New Restaurants

When you’re travelling anywhere, chain restaurants should be a definite no no. You can get that food anywhere, why not experience food you couldn’t have anywhere else but where you are. Colorado has a huge selection of restaurants and bars that are highly rated and one-of-a-kind so you can enjoy an authentic and delicious dining experience.

Enjoy the Entire Music Scene

If you’re heading over to Denver, then the call to see a show at Red Rocks will be huge. Definitely enjoy the music that Red Rocks has to offer, but understand that there is a large music scene in the city to appreciate in all areas, no matter the style you’re into. Only experiencing the shows at Red Rocks would be a waste of a very musical city.

If you’re travelling to Colorado in the near future, we encourage you to avoid these five common travelling mistakes in order to really make the most of what there is to offer. Like with any vacation, it’s important to try things that are new and unique to the city; things that you wouldn’t be able to experience back home. Traveling with this mindset and this loose set of rules opens you up to a world of new experiences, broadens your mind, and helps you understand what traveling is all about.

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